Peter Hill, CEO Billy Casper Golf

As CEO of a growing, successful company, I am committed to the professional development of our team members. We emphasize both development of technical and job-specific skills as well as leadership, mentoring, and coaching – key elements in becoming a successful executive, and critical elements for a growing business.

Yet often, the best resources for improving capabilities lie outside the business. John is a resource we have used to advance the leadership skills of our key staff in pursuit of shaping them into better managers of their business and more importantly, their people.

John combines his considerable business experience with the unique quality of being a great ‘listener’ and effective communicator. John’s insights and coaching have yielded visible results that add value now and will for years to come."

Courtney Altemus Barclays Wealth, Inc.

Here's a list of things I just wrote down to remind me of some key points that resonated with me: 

  • rebalance, replenish
  • "no complaining" rule
  • challenge status quo
  • what gets measured gets improved
  • make a plan for an idea and create accountability structure 
  • the conductor doesn't make any noise--depends on the musicians
  • golf--play more
  • remember names, repeat them in conversation and write them down afterward
  • let silence do the heavy lifting

I found everything you wrote to be very helpful and I wish we could talk everyday!

Sead Dizdarevic, Senior Analyst Fannie Mae

John has helped me set and achieve professional and personal goals in more efficient ways, while also being a great source of inspiration, motivation and support. He encouraged me to use my athletic competitiveness and team work skills in my day-to-day work activities, and that increased my productivity significantly.

John helped me choose my professional career - to follow my interests, strengths and passion. He helped me focus, prepare and follow through with the process of getting the career opportunity that is perfect for my strengths, my knowledge and my keen interest.

In all instances, John was a great listener - asking the right questions, at the right time, and helping me achieve my full potential. When needed, he expanded my thinking with his coaching skills.

I believe John is someone I can count on at all times.

Laurie Susan Kahn
Laurie Susan Kahn, Retired Senior Executive Young & Rubicam

From the moment it came up, the site felt like an invitation to examine and consider all the aspects you’re offering: astounding case studies, astute quotes, your philosophy/comprehensive business experience, as well as the voices of other ‘experts’.

I can feel your commitment and generosity [listing the reading material is great!] and focus, but with such compassion and personal insight.

I think integrating the pictures of you makes the site warm and human - accessible in a way that matters. You’re not scary; you’re not wearing a four thousand dollar suit and a smirk.

The case studies were interesting to read, short enough that people will and I think they offer a terrific range of opinions and experience levels.

This unique place that you’ve staked out is compelling and persuasive in a credible and exciting way that will undoubtedly make potential clients feel deeply comfortable.


John Gussenhoven, EVP Johnson & Johnson

Leadership coaching is what John Keyser has lived and breathed since he first started in business at one of the world's oldest, largest, privately-held insurance brokerage firms. I speak from first-hand experience as one who was hired by John, nourished by him, launched and applauded without any resentment or jealousy by him over the course of my 24 year history at this venerable firm.

John subordinated his own ambitions (which were never paramount in his life) to hire, develop and support a cadre of exceptionally talented and diverse executives who ultimately differentiated the firm and contributed to its profitable growth and legacy as the finest, most reputable and respected institution in our world of insurance.

John's thumbprint can be found on, what turned out to be, the majority of the leadership team at this firm, which, at one time or another, was blessed to have worked with John, benefited from his coaching and caught his highly infectious disease -- his passion for excellence, self-development, personal growth and integrity.

His raw instincts and skilled, credible, "roll-the-sleeves-up" coaching inspired each of us to work to our potential as leaders. His vigilance, steadfast friendship and constant support throughout our careers, caused us to never let down our guard, His unselfish commitment to people, their growth and development, produced a lasting mark on the firm's performance, its culture and reputation.

John is one of very few leaders in our old firm who looked beyond his comfort zone, made us raise our sights to convert the impossible to the possible and led by example. As a Post Script, many of his protégés rose to become partners or major principals of the firm. I and they applaud him for his selfless commitment and dedication.

Ken Tyrrell, Vice President UBS Financial Services

I have known John for the past six years and am very familiar with his leadership and success not only as a senior level executive with Johnson & Higgins, later Marsh McLennan, but also with his philanthropic service. Needless to say, I was very enthusiastic to have the opportunity to work with John and draw on his wealth of experience.

In over 17 years in the wealth management industry, I have met with a number of "professional coaches." Seemingly all of which were very eager to illustrate how I could grow professionally by providing me with their playbook for prosperity, which I now understand was one size fits all.

John's leadership approach is clearly different and outside the box. He did not approach our relationship attempting to divulge his satchel for success. Instead, he began by asking questions to learn more about me and my desires, before we plotted our path. I believe this to be the cornerstone of John's approach, in that it does not include a predetermined path; rather, instead, he embarks on a purposeful plan to ask thought provoking questions, has an eagerness to listen and a desire to help me develop own thinking that will empower me with greater confidence from the ingenuity of my own ideas.

In working with John, I have found him to be a true coach, friend and mentor. It is clear that leadership coaching is his passion and seeing the success of others gives him his greatest sense of gratification and accomplishment. It is apparent to me that in working with John, I have felt he is personally vested in my success and I have developed the confidence in knowing we have designed and are committed to the best course of action to achieve my goals and desires.

I am grateful he has placed a personal interest in my professional life and thankful for his coaching.

Cari Sisserson, Senior Manager of Organizational Development Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

I met John through the Georgetown Coaching Program and what an amazing gift that was the rest of our cohort and for me!  Right off the bat, John was an engaged, participative and positive force in our community.  He was extremely humble; none of us knew the powerful and prestigious positions John had held or the amazing success he enjoyed. We all just knew him as the genuine, caring and intuitive person he is.  His absolute joy in learning how to help others become their best selves was apparent and infectious.  John was clearly one of the most gifted and natural coaches in our cohort and having him part of our group only boosted the rest of the team.

To me, there are several types of coaches who exist at multiple levels of effectiveness.  The truly great coaches are those who connect deeply with their clients as well as being totally convinced that the client does have all of the answers.  This egoless type of coach is what John embodies so beautifully.  Armed with many years of tremendous success, John could simply sit back, mentor and offer advice.  Yet, that isn't his style -- he knows that the true power of coaching comes when the person digs deep and pulls the answer from within.  John has the presence, the patience and the persona to listen intently, synthesize quickly and articulate what he notices clearly so that client can see the mirror of themselves and use that self-awareness to tap into the truth of what they are seeking.  It is John's unique personality -- his deep kindness, generosity and trustworthiness -- that catapults him into the sphere of being a tremendous coach. 

What is so powerful about John is that he sees the essence of people.  With this uncanny way of understanding who people are, he asks powerful questions and elicits what is truly the root of the issue.  Out of all of the coaches in our prestigious program, I call on John to assist me when I need coaching.  He has worked with me to quiet the noise and highlight the real nugget of information I am searching for, taking that information to move me beyond feeling stuck.

Helping people create forward movement and obtain achievable and measurable results in their lives are the aspects of what makes John so unbelievably valuable to organizations and to individuals.  Any potential clients should consider themselves lucky to work with such a talented and gifted coach.  It is the even luckier person who can consider John a friend.

Christine Lasala, President and CEO WTC Captive Insurance Company<br />

John Keyser brings to leadership coaching a special combination of demonstrable success as a leading industry executive and a compelling capacity to motivate others, achieve the alignment of purpose within teams and to practice everyday the essential values of collaboration and professional growth.

John has been a colleague and close friend for over 30 years and both boss and mentor for a significant part of that time. During my career, like dozens of others, I benefited from John’s direct and honest feedback. He brings to leadership coaching a wellspring of personal skills and competence—a willingness to challenge beliefs, an embracing of self-reflection and receptivity to feedback, a wonderful ability to listen and unequaled professional generosity.

Throughout his career, John has aspired to grow personally—to be a better person and to do his work more effectively. He has sought the skills needed to be a preeminent advisor and leader, has amassed an “experience curriculum” and has a unique and strong desire to helps others reach their professional potential.

To be honest, John's insight, coaching and encouragement greatly helped me break through the "glass ceiling" of a large multi-national company and entire industry.