Emotional Intelligence

January 30, 2017 0

Let My Light Shine Before Others

There is a passage in the bible that encourages us to be the light that guides others, that they may see our [...]

Success Factors

November 8, 2017 0

Leaders Must Address Issues

In our work supporting executives who strive to continually develop both their leadership skills and improve [...]

Assessing Corporate Culture

We are excited about our new service offered to our clients, a set of questions which will enable a leader to assess the organizational culture of an office, unit or group.

Make Way for Women

Make Way for Women clearly documents how companies are excelling with women in executive positions and demonstrates how to bring gender balance to leadership.

Our Services

Common Sense Leadership offers: 

  • One on one leadership coaching to CEOs and senior executives
  • 360 Leadership Assessments
  • Corporate and Organizational Culture Assessments
  • In-house workshops customized for specific business related skills 
  • Webinars customized customized for specific business related skills
  • Emotional Intelligence and other helpful Assessments
  • Coaching specific to women’s advancement