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John Keyser, founder and principal of Common Sense Leadership Consulting, presents a refreshing view of leadership. To motivate employees to do their best work, a positive framework for a productive relationships is needed. John helps leaders to be authentic in conversations, strive for continuous self-improvement, listen with care and intention to understand, be receptive to ideas, and inspire by example.

One-On-One Coaching

Become your best self as a leader as you engage in an energetic, one-on-one coaching relationship. We will work together to inspire you to practice key principles of highly effective, common sense leadership.

Create Winning Culture

Learn how to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace by creating a dynamic organizational culture that values people, pursues continuous improvement, and leads to increased business performance.

360 - Assessment

The 360-degree leadership assessment is a unique personal development tool for high-performance executives. We’ll give you insight into how your leadership style is perceived by others and identify areas for improvement, so you can build exceptional teams.